At the drop of a cat - Dadoo
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At the drop of a cat

Συγγραφέας: , Elise Fontenaille Εικονογράφος: , Violeta Lopiz

At six years old, the child-narrator of this picture book loves nothing more than spending time with his grandpa, Luis—especially in his marvelous garden, where green beans reach as high as the sky. Luis’s garden is where the little boy practices reading and writing. But just as importantly, it’s also where he learns wonderful things from Luis, like the names of all the birds in the trees and new expressions that are so much fun to say. Luis’s playful vocabulary is as vibrant and full of life as his garden, and phrases that are particular to his way of talking, like “at the drop of a cat” (which means right away), are soon adapted into the little boy’s lexicon, too.

Luis likes to say: “The earth is my mother.”

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